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CFES Fitness Instructor + Personal Trainer Canadian Certification


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CFES — Advancing the standards in fitness leadership training since 1980.


Canadian Fitness Education Services is committed to meet your fitness education and career development needs as an aquatic fitness, group fitness or weight training instructor or personal trainer. Call us on our toll free line, emailing us, or set up a Skype meeting. We are delighted you have join us!


CFES certification has been created as an alternative choice for aquatic and group fitness instructors, person trainers, fitness educators and allied professionals to join together to "raise the bar" in the development of comprehensive, academically credible and practical fitness leadership certification standards and career credentialing.


CFES is a place fitness professionals can call home, in a network of people like yourself connecting with your industry peers and helping each other stay motivated to make a difference! Certification benefits include: your own personal professional profile page on the website's online directory; discounts on products, services, conferences, and CEC's; and liability insurance.