CFES Aquafit Instructor Course

 This course is designed to teach foundation knowledge and instructor skills to successfully complete CFES Canadian national Aquafit Instructor certification — enabling you to program and lead basic water fitness exercise classes. Ample practicum opportunities are provided.

 CFES Aquafit Instructor Course Content

In this course you will learn:

  • To program plan for all class sections and fitness levels for aquatic fitness classes.
  • How to create a safe and caring atmosphere.
  • Properly screen your participants, provide on-going screening and monitoring of the participants for the duration of the program and provide modifications to accommodate all levels of ability, and to design, modify, and lead a safe, effective, and appropriate water fitness exercise class.
  • Cueing and working with music.
  • Use of shallow, and deep water space and group formations and choreography skills.
  • Communication skills and professional ethics.
  • Students will be given ample teaching opportunities within the course and practicums.

Pre-requisite: CFES Fitness Knowledge Course or equivalency

This course requires approximately 28 hours of classroom and theory learning, 12-20 hours for the Practicum, and 20 to 30 hours of home study (reading, homework assignments, open book exam, preparation for the CFES national certification closed book exam, and preparation for the Aquafit Instructor Skills Assessment).

CFES Aquafit Instructor Online Course

The new online certification program includes scheduled live online teaching and coaching sessions as well as face-to-face community mentor-led practical in-the-water aquafit class skills teaching sessions. The first CFES Aquafit Instructor online course is scheduled to start February 1, 2022, and runs through to May 3, 2022, with CFES course Educator Sandra Fromme.

The new online learning courseware includes:

  • Online live scheduled classroom teaching coaching sessions;
  • Course manual and program work booket/study guide shipped Canada Post XpressPost;
  • Online e-learning courseware including full course text, with chapter-by-chapter on-demand videos teaching class components;
  • On-demand in-the-water demonstration execise ideas videos for strength, endurance and flexibility;
  • Anatomical illustrations and animations; self marking chapter quizzes and learning activities.

CFES Aquafit Instructor Online Course E-version only includes:
Online live scheduled classroom teaching coaching sessions;
Online e-learning courseware including course text, with chapter-by-chapter on-demand videos teaching class components;
On demand in-the-water demonstration exercise ideas videos for strength, endurance and flexibility; 
anatomical illustrations and animations and self-marking chapter quizzes and learning activities.

The CFES Aquafit Instructor Online Course has been developed to meet CFES aquatic fitness instructor certification guidelines and includes ample teaching opportunities for the student within the locally mentored practicum in preparation for the certification exam and practical skills assessment. 

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CFES Aquafit Instructor Online Course

CFES Aquafit Instructor Course Resources

Aquafit Instructor Course manual, program booklet and educator resources for complete national Aquafit Instructor certification.

CFES Aquafit Instructor Course Manual 5th Edition
National Library of Canada ISBN 978-0-9868197-3-5; Publisher: Canadian Fitness Education Services Ltd., 250 pages, $48.00*

CFES Aquafit Instructor Course Program Booklet, 5th Edition
National Library of Canada ISBN: 978-0-9868197-4-2; Publisher: Canadian Fitness Education Services Ltd., 150 pages, $23.00*

Aquafit Instructor Course Program Educator Kit, 4th Edition
National Library of Canada ISBN: 978-0-9868197-4-2 CD; Publisher: Canadian Fitness Education Services Ltd.
The Educator Kit is for course conductor to teach our courses. Includes: one hard copy resource manual, student program work booklet, hard copy 225 page Educator Kit and PowerPoint Educator Kit Supplement CDrom (250+ slides): $250.00* The Ed Kit is only sold to CFES certified course conductors. Contact us for more info.
To download sample pages from the manual click here.

What our students say about this course

“[I] recently just completing the CFES Aquafit Instructor module, my experience was extremely positive. Not only did I gain the knowledge, I had the opportunity to practice and teach what I learned throughout the course. The [course conductor] was able to engage us the whole time and made a special point of working on all areas so that we felt confident when finishing the course. Years ago I had taken this course through another company and did not feel ready to teach after completing the course. After the CFES aqua module training, I have the skills I need to teach successful aquafit classes. I would recommend CFES training to anybody looking to become a fitness leader. Thank you!”
Sincerely, Krystal

“The CFES Aquatic fitness course was very enjoyable. The trainer was extremely professional and the material was practical and clear. The trainer facilitated in a way which allows attendees to interact in a fun atmosphere, while learning excellent skills and knowledge. I really got a great amount out of the course it covered all my objectives and more and the one to one training was excellent, I would highly recommend this course to others.”

“The Aquafit Instructor module took me from just knowing my fitness theory to giving me the confidence and tools to start my practicum as soon as the course was finished. I highly recommend working with such a seasoned classroom instructor and Aquafit practitioner.”
Laura T

The Aquafit Instructor Course Agenda at a Glance

This course is designed to have approximately 24+ hours of classroom teaching. Following the initial class, you will be given time away from the classroom to complete the open book exam. You will be scheduled to return to the classroom after three-four weeks (this is at the discretion of the educator) for the Classroom Course Completion where the open book examination will be reviewed and marked.

The second part of the Aquatic Fitness Instructor Course is the Practicum. The Practicum is designed to be taught over 12-20 hours. During the Practicum, you will write the CFES National Aquatic Fitness Instructor examination.

The third part is the Aquatic Fitness Instructor Skills Assessment.

CFES Canadian National Aquafit Instructor Certification Requirements

Successfully Complete (80% +) Of The Following CFES Program Steps Or Present An Equivalent.*

  1. CFES Fitness Knowledge Classroom or Home Study Course (30+ hours);*
  2. Aquafit Instructor Classroom Course (24+ hours);*
  3. Practicum Classroom Course or Mentorship Program (8-20+ hours);*
  4. National Instructor Skills Assessment (in practicum or one to one)*;
  5. National Instructor Exam (one hour, closed book, supervised)*;
  6. Maintain current CPR-A minimum and Emergency or Standard First Aid Certifications;
  7. Maintain annual liability insurance (if required);
  8. Submit to CFES: Certification or Cross-transfer Application form, collateral documents and certification fee;
  9. Receive CFES Aquafit Instructor Certification.

Aquafit Instructor certification fees:
Pass CFES Aquafit Instructor course, practicum program, national closed book exam, skills assessment requirements and submit Certification Application Form and collateral documents

$120.00 (national exam and first year certification fee) + $6.00 (GST) = $126.00 Total

* additional skills assessment fees paid to Educator/Skills Assessment Evaluator


Additional CFES certification designation exam fee

$70.00 (national exam fee) + $3.50 (GST) = $73.50 Total

* additional skills assessment fees paid to Educator/Skills Assessment Evaluator
+ Prices subject to changes.

Note: Practicum Program Alternative Choices for Instructor: Students unable to attend a practicum program are required to work with a CFES Certified Leadership Mentor (LM) in their community at a facility offering this service. When there is no CFES Certified LM in your community, discuss and agree with your educator how you will meet CFES certification standard for this practicum experience.

When your skills and confidence to be employable are apparent it is time to book your CFES Instructor Skills Assessment with a CFES Educator, CFES Instructor or Personal Trainer Skills Assessment Evaluator [SAE] in your region.

CFES National Aquafit Instructor Recertification Requirements

Candidates Are To Successfully Complete The Following Steps Or Present An Equivalent*:

  1. Attend eight (8) hours CFES recognized recertification workshops, seminars or conferences* (in-class or online);
  2. Submit twelve (12) verified Instructional hours per certification*;
  3. Maintain CPR; First Aid and annual liability insurance (if insurance required);
  4. Submit to CFES: Recertification Application form and collateral documents and recertification fee
  5. Receive CFES Aquafit Instructor recertification (electronically).

Annual CFES Aquafit Instructor recertification fee
$70.00 (recertification fee) + $3.50 (GST) = $73.50 Total

+ Prices subject to changes.

Provincial and National Recognition:

CFES Fitness Leadership Program modules are designed to take students through the steps in the CFES national Aquafit, Group Fitness and Weight Training Instructor and Personal Trainer certification.

Full-fledged CFES instructor courses are 24+ hours of classroom theory and on-the-floor/in-the-water practical training with end of course open book completion exams; followed by a 12- 20 hour practicum; a one-hour closed book proctored certification exam; and a 90 minute instructor skills assessment. Passing grade is 80%. Instructors are expected to maintain CPR + First Aid tickets and obtain liability insurance (if necessary).

Candidates wanting Personal Trainer certification must first successfully complete the Weight Training Instructor certification and then progress to the Personal Trainer course. The PT course is 40+ hours of classroom and practical teaching, and also includes a course completion open book exam; followed by a 20-hour practicum, closed book proctored certification exam and skills assessment. Passing grade is 80%. PTs are expected to maintain CPR + First Aid tickets and obtain liability insurance.

As well as providing national certification CFES is an IDEA Fitness Connect Certification Verification Partner. CFES resources are also recognized by a variety of specialized fitness leadership agencies, including: the Canadian Aquatics Leaders Alliance (CALA); the Canadian Personal Trainers Network (CPTN), Canfitpro (GFI + PT = PT/FIS equivalency) and National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA), which includes the BCRPA Fitness Branch; Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association; Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Fitness Division; Manitoba Fitness Council; Ontario Fitness Council; Fitness New Brunswick; Island Fitness Council and the Nova Scotia Fitness Association. For further info how to complete with any of the above agencies contact them directly.

The CFES Fitness Knowledge Course is approved by the Massage Therapist Associations of Saskatchewan for credits for Continuing Education/Professional Development.

Our programs are also integrated within college continued education and health and fitness diploma programs in Canada; and as an addendum to university health and exercise sciences programs for job-ready graduation credentialing.

CFES resources are also recognized by the BC Ministry of Education and Alberta Education and utilized in individual Ontario Board Authorized high school physical education credit courses grades 9 to 12 students. The CFES Fitness Knowledge Course is listed in both the BC Min. of  Ed’s Integrated Resource Package and highlighted in their Grade Collection for meeting the most learning outcomes for PE 10/12 students and on Education Alberta’s Learning Centre.