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About CFES: Empowering Fitness Professionals since 1980
Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES) is more than just an educational resources publishing house and fitness leadership training agency. We are committed to enhancing fitness knowledge and improving the effectiveness of fitness activities through our quality career programs, products, and services.

For over four decades, CFES has provided tens of thousands of students with engaging, evidence-based, academically credible, and rewarding classroom courses, home study programs, workshops, and conferences.

Addressing the Health Crisis: The Need for Fitness Leadership
In light of the growing health crisis, including early onset diabetes, osteoporosis, youth and adult obesity, the demand for qualified fitness leaders has never been higher. At CFES, we recognize this demand and strive to equip professionals in the fitness industry to successfully program, market, instruct, educate, and positively influence the population toward an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our vision at CFES is to provide consistent and comprehensive fitness education, leadership advancement, and effective program delivery. We aim to produce qualified and confident fitness instructors and personal trainers who are ready to make a difference. Remember, if you’re CFES certified, you’re highly employable.

Collaborative Expertise: Our Board and Team
We extend our sincere appreciation to the numerous allied health and fitness professionals who have generously contributed their time and expertise to shape our certification programs. The CFES Board of Advisors, our dedicated staff, professional consultants, and esteemed writers have all come together in a collaborative effort to present this program to you.

CFES certification offers an alternative choice for fitness instructors and personal trainers seeking to engage in the development of comprehensive, academically credible, and practical fitness leadership certification standards. By joining us, you become part of a national network of fitness professionals connecting with industry peers, ultimately advancing your career credentials. Join us in our mission to motivate Canadians to lead lives of health and wellness.

We’re excited to provide an extensive range of top-notch programs, products, and services in the fitness and wellness education sector. It’s a privilege to connect with you and understand how we can tailor our offerings to meet your career development and education needs in this field. Thank you for your interest in learning more about our services. Best regards!

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