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Canadian Fitness Education Services is an educational resources publishing house, fitness leadership training and certification agency. CFES is committed to enhancing the fitness knowledge and activity effectiveness of individuals through quality career programs, products and services.

Since 1980 tens of thousands of students have appreciated the CFES approach to fun, academically credible, challenging and rewarding classroom courses, home study programs, workshops and conferences.

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The Leadership Demand in a Health Crisis
A growing health crisis (early onset diabetes and osteoporosis, youth and adult obesity, etc.) demands qualified leaders in the fitness profession to successfully program, market, instruct, educate and influence the majority of our population into active living.

The CFES vision and specific goals are all aimed to at providing consistent and comprehensive fitness education, leadership advancement and effective program delivery — providing qualified and confident fitness instructors and personal trainers who are able and ready to work with their participants effectively. Our standard is: If you are CFES certified you are employable.

Board of Advisors, Staff and Consultants
CFES would like to gratefully acknowledge the thousands of hours and expertise that the many dedicated allied health and fitness professionals have contributed to scrutinizing the models for certification programs and requirements. The CFES Board of Advisors, staff, professional consultants and writers have all been included at CFES round table style of collaborative management to bring you this program today.

CFES certification has been developed as an alternative choice for fitness instructors and personal trainers wanting to join others in the development of more comprehensive, academically credible and practical fitness leadership certification standards; have a national network of fitness professionals like yourself connecting with your industry peers; and to advance your career credentials.

We encourage your participation, your initiatives and ideas. Join us in the national movement to motivate Canadians to lead a life of health and wellness.

Yours sincerely,


Margaret Hewitt, B.A., B.P.E.
Founder & Executive Director, CFES

An introduction to the CFES website … this website is a place for you to:

• Learn career steps on how to become a CFES certified fitness leader;
• Become a nationally certified fitness instructor in group fitness, weight training, aquafit, active aging, personal training, yoga and more;
• Find CFES provincial, national and international courses and programs; 
• Advance your skills, credentials and revenue. Become a CFES certified National Skills Assessment Evaluator; Workshop Presenter or Course Educator; 
• Have access to national/international liability insurance as a CFES certified leader;
• Keep up to date fitness and wellness education; 
• Join the CFES Board of Advisors Professional Network; 
• Partner on program projects; 
• Become a recognized CFES program supplier for certification or recertification;
• Promote and advertise on our website;  
• Create a strategic alliance with CFES; 
• Bring CFES leadership certification programs into your organization and enhance success for faculty, students, employees, management and participants;
• Encourage qualified staff to become CFES certified Educators or contract these individuals through the CFES office or website;
• Know CFES is a professionally-recognized choice for fitness leadership credentials;
• Continue to come back and see what’s new on our evolving website. Your presence is welcomed!

We look forward to offering a wide variety of quality programs, products and services. We are honoured to meet you to learn how we may best service your fitness and wellness education and career development needs. Thank-you for taking the time to learn about us.  All the best!

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